Übernachtung mit Halbpension - buchbar zum Spezialpreis bis 30. Juni 2021

- Willkommens-Drink auf unserer Gartenterrasse mit Seesicht

- Übernachtung im Komfort-Zimmer mit herrlichem Frühstück

- Halbpension (3-Gang-Wahlmenu) am Mittag oder am Abend

- "mobility-Ticket St. Gallen Bodensee" ÖV-Ticket für die Zonen 210, 211 und 231 von Rorschach bis St. Gallen

- Service, Taxen und alle Gebühren


CHF 139.00 pro Person und Nacht im Doppelzimmer / CHF 179.00 pro Person und Nacht im Einzelzimmer

Sommerferien am Schweizer Bodenseeufer

Sommerferien-Arrangement 2021

fünf Übernachtungen zum Preis von vier - buchbar bis 30. September 2021

SUP Stand Up Paddling Arrangement

SUP-Arrangement Bodensee 2021

Übernachtung mit Halbpension und SUP-Kurs

Sleep and The Land of Milk and Honey

Even the brilliant W. A. Mozart, from whom our establishment has borrowed its name, was not at all averse to extended travel, excellent food and regenerative relaxation. «I shall now travel to land of milk and honey and get some sleep», the 21-year old wrote on November 5th, 1777, to his cousin Maria Anna Thekla in Augsburg, the daughter of his uncle Franz Alois Mozart. 

These words were not written in Hotel Mozart (this was not opened until 1986), but rather in Salzburg. With respect to "sleeping" and "the land of milk and honey" Mozart, with his joie de vivre, would certainly have approved of the «Mozart». We would like to illustrate this by taking you on a little tour, which, for the guests of our hotel, always begins with a Welcome Drink – to your health! 

Hostess Susanne Tobler and head chef Hilario Mesquita on the piano